Current Officers

Proudly Serving Holy Cross Parish Mesa, AZ

Installation of Assembly Officers
In Order

Faithful Friar—SK Rev Lawrence Merta

Faithful Navigator—SK Michael Grimes

Captain—SK Joe Sell  

Pilot—SK Richard Polfliet

ComptrollerSK Tim Smith

Scribe—SK Manuel Escarcega

Purser—SK Michael Miller

Inner Sentinel(s)—SK Daniel Naegele

Outer Sentinel(s)—SK George Sever

Outer Sentinel(s)—SK Paul Hawkins

Admiral—SK Henry Armstrong

Three Year Trustee—SK Gerald Schevers

Two Year Trustee—SK Martin Koreck 

One Year Trustee—SK Hector Ortiz 

Holy Cross Catholic Church / 1244 South Power Road / Mesa, AZ 85206

Duties of Officers of a 4th Degree Assembly.

The Laws and Rules Governing the Fourth Degree of the Knights of Columbus specifically set the duties of Assembly Officers. This guide is to help
new Sir Knights and interested parties be informed.


The Faithful Navigator is the chief executive officer of the assembly and acts as the Presiding Officer, with all the powers and duties incident to such office. He appoints committees, countersigns orders and checks. He annually appoints or reappoints the Assembly Color Corps Commander. In his absence, or inability to perform such duties of office, the Faithful Captain shall perform such duties and exercise such powers.


The Faithful Friar is the Spiritual Advisor of the Assembly. He is expected to make a report at Assembly Meetings on religious matters. The Faithful Navigator, Faithful Captain, Faithful Admiral, and Faithful Pilot appoint a Priest annually in accordance with such rules established by the Bishop of the Diocese to serve the Assembly.


The Faithful Captain shall, in the absence of the Faithful Navigator, perform the duties and exercise the powers of that office. He shall also, to assure a good attendance at meetings and other functions, have charge of social and other activities under the Good of the Order.


The Faithful Pilot shall have charge of all properties of the Assembly excepts monies, accounts and record books of the officers, but including ceremonials; shall be responsible for arrangement of the Assembly Chamber and shall direct and be responsible for the activities of the Sentinels.


The Faithful Comptroller (Fin Sec) shall keep a roll and the records of the members with the date of their initiation in the Fourth Degree. Collect and receive all monies due the Assembly and all funds obtained from any source and transfer the same to the Faithful Purser, and obtain a receipt from him. He shall keep accounts of the charges (dues) and receipts of each member; he shall issue to each member not indebted to the Assembly for dues, a Fourth Degree Membership Card, duly signed and attested as above, which shall entitle a member admittance to any meeting of the Fourth Degree within the period specified on said card and upon further compliance with the rule

requiring that the member produce a current Third Degree membership card. He shall upon request by a member transferring to another assembly, issue a transfer card, signed by the Faithful Navigator and attested by the Faithful Comptroller. He shall keep such necessary Official Records and forms as furnished by the Supreme Secretary. Notify the District Master of the names of all candidates awaiting initiation. Is the custodian of the Seal of the Assembly and affixes same to all proper papers.


The Faithful Scribe shall keep a record of the minutes of all regular and special meetings in a bound book furnished for that purpose by the Assembly.


The Faithful Purser (Treasurer) is the custodian of all funds obtained from any source. Makes deposits and keeps records. Pays all orders drawn on him by the Faithful Comptroller and Faithful Navigator. Makes records available to the Board of Trustees as required.


The Faithful Inner and Outer Sentinels shall be responsible to see that all in attendance at meetings are in possession of appropriate valid Third and Fourth Degree membership cards and shall perform such other duties as directed by the Faithful Pilot.


The Faithful Admiral (usually the Immediate Past Faithful Navigator) is appointed annually; shall preside in case of the absence of both the Faithful Navigator and Faithful Pilot, and may have such powers and performs such other duties as herein prescribed. In the absence of the Faithful Friar, performs his duties at assembly meetings.


The Trustees (normally three) are elected initially for 1, 2 & 3 years, thereafter three years. Together with the Faithful Navigator they are the Board of Trustees. The Board is responsible for auditing the record books of the Faithful Comptroller and Faithful Purser annually (June 30). The Trustees shall before each meeting carefully examine all bills and present same to the Assembly with their recommendation; the approval of at least two members of the Board of Trustees shall be required for the payment of any bills or statements.

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Section 24. Duties of Assembly Officers.

The Laws and Rules Governing the Fourth Degree of the Knights of Columbus specifically set the duties of Assembly Officers. This guide is to help new Sir Knights and interested parties be informed.

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