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July 2024 Newsletter


Michael Grimes – Faithful Navigator

May 20 Members Meeting elected the following 2024-2025 Officers!

Faithful Friar                                  SK Lawrence J Merta

Faithful Navigator                         SK Michael J Grimes

Faithful Captain                            SK Bob Salas      

Faithful Pilot                                  SK Hector Camacho

Faithful Comptroller                    SK Tim Smith

Faithful Scribe                               SK Paul Hawkins

Faithful Purser                              SK Mark Goetz

Inner Sentinel                               SK Daniel T Naegele

Outer Sentinel                              SK James McNally

Outer Sentinel                              SK James Wilson

Faithful Admiral                            SK Henry Armstrong

Three Year Trustee                      SK Gerald Schevers

Two Year Trustee                         SK Victor Huerta

One Year Trustee                         SK Hector Ortiz

Assembly 3817 members’ meetings is held on the 3rd Monday of every month in Wellens Hall at 6:30. 

All officers should arrive at 6:00 PM!!

Next Meeting             July – No Meeting

Next Meeting             August 19

Next meeting             September 16

Check your email frequently – check your Spam and Junk email boxes.  My email is:   <no-reply@kofc.org>K of C Supreme.

Assy 3817 implemented the Flock Notes process.  You would receive messages in text message on CELL phone.  Please let me know if you are or not receiving the Flock Note messages.

Members Birthdays in July

Kalvin Mcdonald 33              Andrew Guercio 61
Gerald Walsh 78                    Richard Flamini 89
Tim G McDonald 66              Ron Sotak 83
Corbin Gilliam 19                  James McNally 47
Gilbert Bustamante 55        FR Maddu 51

Order red Shirts – Make Checks out to Michael Grimes – Pay in Advance

Red shirt orders are in – come to pick them up at the June meeting.

Small – X-large              $ 25            2X Large              $ 26

3X Large                       $ 27            4X Large              $ 29

Good of the Order

Please call me or email me for additions to the Prayer list!

Holy Cross Knights of Columbus website has been updated!!  Click on this link to review the changes:  



Michael Grimes – Faithful Navigator

Father William J. Mitchell Assembly 3817

Email: Michael.Grimes7904@outlook.com

Cell:  480-688-5718

Vivat Jesus!

Holy Cross Catholic Church / 1244 South Power Road / Mesa, AZ 85206

Members Meetings

Our members meetings will be held the 3rd Monday of every month in Wellens Hall.  

Respect Life:
If you want to be involved in this ministry Contact the Parish Office.

Check your email frequently – check your Spam and Junk email boxes.  My email to you will be coming from:  Knights of Columbus Email <no-reply@kofc.org>K of C Supreme.

For the Good of the Order

July 2023 to July 2024

For the Good of the Order – With the Lord    (Updated 04/15/24)

Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. May the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace.

  • SK Marcus Ray (Christine) Sister-in-law Aunt Marge Perry went to the Lord 8/31/23.
  • SK Mike McDonald – wife aunt (Kitty Linzy) went to the Lord 8/1/23.
  • SK Paul Mansberger- Brother-in-law (Reynaldo Mariano) went to the Lord 9/26/23.
  • SK Roger Molieri – DD 27 family (Carolyn Curcio) went to the Lord.
  • SK Michael Millard – Mother (Bernadette) went to the Lord on 10/22/23.
  • SK Duane Pirkl – went to the Lord on 11/08/23.
  • SK Dick Polfliet – went to the Lord on 01/08/2024
  • SK Gordon Shirling’s Wife’s Sister – Jane Phalen went to the Lord on 6/17/24

July 2023 to July 2024

For the Good of the Order  – Those in Need of our Prayers for Healing (Updated 01/09/24)

  • SK Michael Grimes – Sister (Beth Wanzek)
  • SK Michael Grimes – Brother-in law (Gene Wanzek)
  • SK Michael Grimes – Brother-in-law (Chip Lee)
  • SK Bob Salas – son
  • SK Kenneth Trusiak – Fell
  • SK Kenneth Trusiak wife (Bernieda) Fell
  • SK Victor Scott – back / knees
  • SK Martin Koreck – Mother-in-law (Longina Rondero)
  • SK Martin Koreck – sister (Victoria)
  • SK Martin Koreck – wife (Ellen)
  • SK Ed Padilla – Richard Gonzales
  • SK Tony Haddad
  • SK Tony Haddad – Wife (Carol)
  • SK Robert Guyton Jr wife Diana
  • SK Mike Powell and his wife Mary
  • SK Manny Escarcega – mother – accident
  • SK Hector Ortiz – son (Jeffrey Ortiz)
  • SK Hector Ortiz – brother (Raber Ortiz)
  • SK Hector Ortiz – wife (Mary Ortiz)
  • SK Dick Polfliet – brothers’ wife (Dawn)
  • SK Martin Wolff
  • SK Martin Wolff – Spouse (Darleen)
  • SK Darrell Fitzgerald
  • SK Michael Miller
  • SK Michael Miller – brother (Tom Miller)
  • SK Norm Rimbey – grandson (Cory Hammond)
  • SK Norm Rimbey – wife (Judy)
  • SK Jose Contreras
  • SK Dick Polfliet
  • SK Tim McDonald- great niece (CeCe Price Glunz) – RSV
  • SK Deacon Richard Conn – Wife (Mary Michael)
  • SK Michael Grimes – Neighbor (Gerald Martinez)
  • SK Jack Terry – TIA to hospital – released and back home.
  • SK John Reiken – Back surgery
  • SK Mark Goetz
  • SK Mike Millard
  • SK Rod Hanks wife (Patty)

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