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 Fr. William J. Mitchell Assembly 3817

Minutes for March 20,2023


Michael Grimes – Faithful Navigator

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 pm by Faithful Navigator SK Michael J. Grimes.

Faithful Pilot Attendance Report:  It was determined that officers 08 and 06 SKs were in attendance.

Roll Call of Officers:

Faithful Friar:                              SK Fr. Larry Merta                     Present
Faithful Navigator:                     FN Michael Grimes                   Present
Faithful Captain:                         SK Edward Padilla                     Present
Faithful Pilot:                               SK Richard J Polfliet                  Present
Faithful Comptroller:                 SK Jordan Clearance                 Passed 03 13 23
Faithful Scribe:                            SK Manuel H Escarcega           Present
Faithful Purser:                           SK Michael Miller                      Present
Faithful Inner Sentinel:              SK Daniel Naegele                    Absent
Faithful Outer Sentinel:             SK  Vacant                                  Vacant
Faithful Admiral:                         SK Mark Goetz                           Present
Faithful 1 Year Trustee:             SK Gerald Wash                         Present
Faithful 2 Year Trustee:             SK Hector Ortez  ­                       Present
Faithful 3 Year Trustee:             SK Martin Koreck                       Absent

Assembly Order of Business March 20, 2023


Opening Ceremony: The principles and duties of the Order were presented by the Assembly’s Faithful Admiral, Captain and Navigator.  Sir Knights Pledged Allegiance to the Flag of the United States, and the Faithful Captain SK Edward Padilla, led the Assembly in praying the Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be.

Faithful Navigator Presentations: 

Faithful Friar:  SK Father Larry Report:

  • Father Larry spoke about the rift growing in the church with Germany and Poland. Father Larry also spoke of the talk about ordination of women into the church a call from Rome. The talk of the acceptance of Same Sex Marriages.

Minutes of Preceding Meeting:  Supreme Council there has been a change to have the minutes emailed for all to review.

Minutes for December were approved. SK Polfliet made a motion to approve SK Eddie seconded

Reading of Navigator’s Communications:

  • FN Reminded us that our 2023 dues are due and to please pay them. You must be a member of good standing to be a member of this order Please do not let your membership lapse.
  • FN reminded us that Council 7904 dues are $30 Assembly 3817 dues are $40.
  • FN reminded us of the need to keep our silver star Award and the requirements to keep it.
  • FN informed us of the need to get 6 new members to our order to meet out 2023 goal.

Faithful Comptroller’s Report:

  • SK Tim smith No report currently

 Faithful Purser’s Report:  

  • FN reported at this time no report.

Committee Reports:

Social Chairman:
No report                                                       SK TBD

Chalice Chairman:                                                                       SK Mark Goetz

  • SK Mark No report Given.

Respect Life Chairman:                                                              SK Edward Padilla

  • SK Eddie No Report Given

Communications Chairman:                                                    FN Michael Grimes

  • FN said those wanting a new shirt to get with him to order them.
  • FN said also those wanting a replacement badge to also meet with him.

Membership Director:                                                                SK Hector Ortiz

  • SK Hector no report given.                                  

Color Corps Commander:                                                           SK Hector Ortiz

  • SK Hector had N/R

Quartermaster:                                                                             SK TBD

  • FN Michael Grimes if we needed a new 4th Degree shirt, they were available for sale. From $25 for S-L, $26 XL-XXL and finally $27 for XXX

Old Business:

  • FN Michael no report.

New Business

  • FN we held a vote For a new Comptroller SK Tim Smith was voted to be the new Comptroller.

 For the Good of the Order:

Closing Ceremony: The Closing Prayer by Father Merta

Meeting adjourned at 08:00 pm.

  • Next Meeting April 17,2023 at 7:00PM in Wellen’s Hall.

Respectfully Submitted by,

Faithful Scribe SK Manuel H Escarcega

March 20,2023


Michael Grimes – Faithful Navigator
Email:  Michael.Grimes7904@outlook.com
Cell:  480-688-5718
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