Meeting Minutes

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Meeting Minutes

February 13th Members Meeting


Michael Grimes – Faithful Navigator

Faithful Friar                         SK Lawrence J Merta            Absent

Faithful Navigator                SK Michael J Grimes             Present

Faithful Captain                   SK Edward R Padilla              Present

Faithful Pilot                         SK Richard J Polfliet              Absent

Faithful Comptroller            SK Clarence Jordan              Absent

Faithful Scribe                      SK Manuel H Escarcega        Absent

Faithful Purser                     SK Michael Miller                   Present

Inner Sentinel                      SK Daniel T Naegele              Present

Outer Sentinel                      SK (Vacant)

Faithful Admiral                   SK Mark P Goetz                    Absent

Three Year Trustee              SK Martin Koreck                  Absent

Two Year Trustee                 SK Hector Ortiz                     Absent

One Year Trustee                 SK Gerald Walsh                   Present

Assembly Order of Business February 13, 2023


Call to Order – Opening Ceremonies at 7:00 PM.

12 Members present.

Opened meeting in the Fourth section.

Deacon Conn led Our Father prayer.

Sir Knights recited “Pledge of Allegiance” to our flag.

Report of the Faithful Friar – FR Merta          No Report

Minutes of previous meeting accepted as written – SK Schevers.

Second by SK Smith.  Minutes Approved.

Faithful Navigator’s Communications – SK Michael Grimes.

DUES:  Note to be a member of 4th degree you must be a member in good standing in Council.   Do not let your membership lapse!

Council 7904 Dues $ 30   Assy 3817 Dues $ 40 (separate checks)

Flagpole – Schedule repair in March. Enlarge hole/ add cement.

SK Sylvester “Nick” Lanners donated his sword to a new Honor Guard.

Raffle for a new uniform (will include SK Lanners sword)

SK Marcus Ray has the raffle tickets. $20

Regalia update (overheard conversation from Supreme Sean Halpin) – Regalia Not authorized to wear at SK Activities – You May be buried wearing regalia.

4th Degree Civic Award

Conduct and report 4 patriotic programs.

Visit Bob Protz – Deceased 2/8/23 (Dick Polfliet)

Visit John W Hunt – Leisure World (Jerry Walsh)

Visit Ted Papuzza Discovery Point (Jerry Walsh)

Birthday cards Oldest Knight J Hunt (Jerry Walsh)

Enter the “To Be A Patriot” competition

3 best patriotic programs conducted.

Flagpole Installation / dedication

Red – White – Blue Mass


Meet the assembly new member goal of 7% 6 (?) new members.

Report of Faithful Comptroller. SK Clarence Jordan        No Report

Report of Faithful Purser.  SK Michael Miller

  • Checking $ 2,924.51
  • Chalice Fund $    56
  • Flag Fund $ 4,080.74

 Report of Committees.

  • Chalice Chairman – SK Mark Goetz   No Report
  • Respect Life Chairman – SK Ed Padilla    
  • Membership Director – SK Hector Ortiz           No Report
  • Color Corps Commander – SK Hector Ortiz           No Report
  • Quartermaster – SK Michael Grimes
    • Order red Shirts – Contact FN Michael Grimes – No increase in cost.
    • Order Badges – Contact FN Michael Grimes

Report of Trustees.

  • No Report
  • Report of the Holy Cross Council 7904 – GK/ SK Marcus Ray
  • Discussed Lenten Soup – SK Smith
  • Discussed Council Fund raiser – at BJ Restaurant

Fourth Degree – SK Michael Grimes

  • Next meeting March 20

The Good of Order – Prayer List – No additions

Proceeded to close the meeting.

The closing prayer led by Deacon Conn

Assembly duly closed at 7:50 PM

The 50/50 Door Prize to Chalice Fund $ 26.00


Michael Grimes – Faithful Navigator
Email:  Michael.Grimes7904@outlook.com
Cell:  480-688-5718
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