Meeting Minutes

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 Fr. William J. Mitchell Assembly 3817

Michael Grimes – Faithful Navigator

Assembly Order of Business

The meeting was called to order at 06:30 pm by Faithful Navigator SK Michael J. Grimes.

Faithful Pilot Attendance Report:  It was determined that officers 08 and 12 SKs were in attendance.

Roll Call of Officers: 
Faithful Friar:                              SK Fr. Larry Merta                      Absent
Faithful Navigator:                     FN Michael Grimes                    Present
Faithful Captain:                         SK Joe Sell                                   Present
Faithful Pilot:                               SK Richard J Polfliet                   Present
Faithful Comptroller:                 SK Tim Smith                              Present
Faithful Scribe:                            SK Manuel H Escarcega            Present
Faithful Purser:                           SK Michael Miller                       Absent
Faithful Inner Sentinel:              SK Daniel Naegele                     Present
Faithful Outer Sentinel:             SK George Sever                        Absent
Faithful Admiral:                         SK Henry Armstrong                 Present
Faithful 1 Year Trustee:               SK Hector Ortiz                         Absent
Faithful 2 Year Trustee:             SK Martin Koreck  ­                      Absent
Faithful 3 Year Trustee:             SK Gerald Schevers                    Absent

Opening Ceremony: The principles and duties of the Order were presented by the Assembly’s Faithful Admiral, Captain and Navigator.  Sir Knights Pledged Allegiance to the Flag of the United States, and the Faithful Captain SK Edward Padilla, led the Assembly in praying the Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be.

Faithful Navigator Presentations: 

Faithful Friar:  SK Father Larry Not present.

Minutes of Preceding Meeting:  Supreme Council there has been a change to have the minutes emailed for all to review.

Minutes for March were approved. SK Polfliet made a motion to approve SK Tim Smith seconded

Reading of Navigator’s Communications:

  • FN Michael made a statement of our commitment to the order by paying your due’s.
  • FN Michael gave us an update on the 4th degree exemplification that will occur on November 11,2023. This will take place at St. Stephen’s Catholic Church located at 24827 South Dobson Road.
  • FN Informed us of a Silver Rose ceremony on Wednesday 18 and, that there would be an EV Call Out for Knights in Uniform.
  • FN reminded us to Email him at grimes7904@outlook.com if you have interested 3RD degree nights who are interested in attending.
  • FN Gave us some information for a request for SK to visit fellow SK Duane Pirkl . He is at 709 South Saranac Mesa, Arizona 85208
  • FN reminded us that there would be another raffle for a 4th degree Uniform. Marcus Ray has the available tickets if we wanted to purchase. There would be an added sword donated by a past SK lanners going with this uniform.
  • FN Michael reported that we declined the quote for replacement.
  • FN reminded us to finish your Child Protect class.


Faithful Comptroller’s Report:

  • SK Tim Smith reported that we have 95 members in our assembly 3817.
  • SK Tim reminded us of our importance to pay your dues to stay current and in good standing.

 Faithful Purser’s Report:  

  • SK Tim reported the following accounting numbers to our accounts.
  • $2554.97 in the checking account
  • $965.93 in the Chalice fund.
  • $3373.78 in the Flagpole fund.

Committee Reports:

Social Chairman: vacant
No report SK TBD

Chalice Chairman:                                                                                   SK Mark Goetz

  • SK Mark reported $822.46 in funds available. And we have 3 chalices available.

Respect Life Chairman:                                                                          SK Edward Padilla

  • SK Eddie reported we had in an account $2885 for a future retreat dates to be announced.

Communications Chairman:                                                                 FN Michael Grimes

  • FN said those wanting a new shirt to get with him to order them.
  • FN said also those wanting a replacement badge to also meet with him.
  • FN also reminded us about the availability of applying online at the Holy Cross website for admissions.

Membership Director: not present                                                     SK Hector Ortiz NR                                  

Color Corps Commander: not present                                               SK Hector Ortiz

  • SK Hector reported the following That we had 6 SKs from our order that attended Rosary Sunday.
  • SK Hector asked for some possible call out dates coming Oct 26 & 27.

Quartermaster:                                                                                        SK TBD

  • FN Michael Grimes if we needed a new 4th Degree shirt, they were available for sale. From $25 for S-L, $26 XL-XXL and finally $27 for XXX

Old Business:

  • FN Michael complete your call to protect class.

New Business:

  • FN asked for suggestion on how to get more Sir Knights to attend the meetings. Michael suggested a Hot Dog Cook Out. After hours Target shooting to get others interested in getting together.



  • For the Good of the Order – THOSE IN NEED OF OUR PRAYERS FOR HEALING (Update 04/15/24)

     July 2023 to July 2024

    • SK Michael Grimes – Sister (Beth Wanzek)
    • SK Michael Grimes – Brother-in law (Gene Wanzek)
    • SK Michael Grimes – Brother-in-law (Chip Lee)
    • SK Bob Salas – son
    • SK Bob Salas
    • SK Kenneth Trusiak –
    • SK Kenneth Trusiak wife (Bernieda)
    • SK Victor Scott – back / knees
    • SK Martin Koreck – Mother-in-law (Longina Rondero)
    • SK Martin Koreck – sister (Victoria)
    • SK Martin Koreck – wife (Ellen)
    • SK Martin Koreck – Aunt (Andrea)
    • SK Ed Padilla – Richard Gonzales
    • SK Tony Haddad
    • SK Tony Haddad – Wife (Carol)
    • SK Robert Guyton Jr wife (Diana)
    • SK Mike Powell and his wife (Mary)
    • SK Manny Escarcega – mother
    • SK Hector Ortiz – son (Jeffrey Ortiz)
    • SK Hector Ortiz – brother (Raber Ortiz)
    • SK Hector Ortiz – wife (Mary Ortiz)
    • SK Dick Polfliet – brothers’ wife (Dawn)
    • SK Martin Wolff
    • SK Martin Wolff – Spouse (Darleen)
    • SK Michael Miller
    • SK Michael Miller – brother (Tom Miller)
    • SK Norm Rimbey – grandson (Cory Hammond)
    • SK Norm Rimbey – wife (Judy)
    • SK Jose Contreras
    • SK Tim McDonald- great niece (CeCe Price Glunz) – RSV
    • SK Deacon Richard Conn – Wife (Mary Michael)            
    • SK Michael Grimes – Neighbor (Gerald Martinez)
    • SK John Reiken – Back surgery
    • SK Mark Goetz
    • SK Mike Millard
    • SK Rod Hanks wife (Patty)

Closing Ceremony: The Closing Prayer by

Meeting adjourned at 07:25 pm.

Next Meeting. 11/20/2023 at 6:30 PM in Wellen’s Hall.


Respectfully Submitted by,

Faithful Scribe SK Manuel H Escarcega

October 16,2023


Michael Grimes – Faithful Navigator
Email:  Michael.Grimes7904@outlook.com
Cell:  480-688-5718
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