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Minutes for August 14, 2023


Michael Grimes – Faithful Navigator

Assembly Order of Business August 14, 2023


Meeting Minutes – Patriotic Degree (4th Degree) meeting held 14 August, 2023

1831 – Meeting called to order

1831 – Certified that all members in attendance possess a valid membership card.

1831 – Pilot – Patriotism

1831 – Navigator – Duty, Maintain Unity etc

1832 – Prayed the “Our Father”

1833 – Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States.

1834 – Meeting minutes from the previous meeting were approved as submitted.

1835 – Faithful Comptroller – Audit Completed.  $8,184.52

New per capita bill is due in November.

New Voucher system was explained to the membership.

1837 – Purser’s Report –

$3,145.06 in Checking

$1,290.84 in Chalice Fund

$3,897.20 Flagpole / Flag fund

1837 – Chalice Chairman Report

To be part of the chalice program a member must:

Be in good standing in their home council (participating in council affairs to the extent ability / health permit).

Council dues paid in full.

Be in good standing in Assembly 3817 (participating in assembly affairs to the extent ability / health permit)

Assembly dues paid in full.

Fill out the Chalice Form (provided by the Chalice Chairman)

The Assembly has 3 chalices currently on hand.

1845 – The term “Fourth Degree” is no longer in favor.   The preferred term is “The Patriotic Degree”

 1847 – Respect Life Chairman’s Report

Father Larry has approved the Respect Life Ministry’s schedule.

Respect Life Ministry is going to be more involved with the youth of the parish.

The Religious Education ministry has two new Leaders:  Roerto and David

RE team is working on a podcast and Newsletter for the children of the parish.

September 6th is their scheduled date for first theatrical show

Arizona March for Life – Would like to hire a bus to/from Holy Cross to the march.

October 11th – Lasagna Dinner to benefit Martha’s Vineyard.


1855 – Faithful Navigator Michael Grimes has Assembly shirts and will order new badges as needed.

1856 – Trustee Report – None

1856 – No Old Business

1856 – No New Business

1857 – Grand Knight’s Report – Officer Installation to be held 8/20/2023 following 4:00 mass.  Dinner following at Oregano’s on Superstition Springs

1858 – Jerry Scheivers Report – Deacon Clarence yard cleanup project.

Bill Hunt move household items project


1859 – Next Patriotic Degree meeting 18 September, 2023 @ 1830


Prayer List:

Michael Grimes’ Sister

Michael Grimes’ Brother in Law

Bob Salas’ son – Surgery went well

Ken Trustack & wife have both taken falls and have bad knees

Victor Scott – Knee and back pain

Martin Korec’s Mother in law

Leroy Shaw – Fell

Hector Ortiz – Wife Mary

Ed Padilla’s friend Richard – Cancer diagnosis

1902 – Faithful Navigator’s Report

Supreme Master – Online Meeting

Grow AZ Membership

537 Assemblies – Civic Awards

3 Assemblies – Patriotic Awards

None from AZ


The Military Chaplain program = The RSVP program in the Council

Not “Republicans” or “Democrats” but rather we’re “Patriotic Americans”

Safe Environment Training is required for ALL OFFICERS.


Rosary Celebration coming in October.

Catholic Night in the Ballpark in September.


Upcoming Exemplifications:

September 30 in Tucson

November in Phoenix

January in Sun City






Why join The Patriotic Degree?

  • Holy Thursday is one of our holiest days, and the Color Guard highlights that point. Most recognized part of the Knights of Columbus
  • Should consider a fund to assist with members’ purchase of regalia so that they may perform with the color guard


1920 – Hector Ortiz – Color Guard Commander  – Training Meeting

The color guard is in the eyes of the public.

Must set an example  – Best of the Best.

Beret – Military Style

Online tutorial for forming the Beret

Black shoes and Belts – Not Scuffed

District Marshalls will inspect color corps members and address any issues with appearance

No Hats / gloves on the pews

Training to be conducted on sword handling / use

Manuals for color guard members

“Inspection Ready” Berets are available online at www.armynavyoutdoors.com  Current price is $9.99


A war is going on – a war on Family, Marriage, Kids

People are leaving the church

We need to help along the way


The mass held at Saints Simon and Jude (Phoenix Cathedral) for Blessed Father McGivney was recorded and can be found on YouTube.  There was a first class relic of Blessed Michael McGivney (bone fragments) present at this mass.


1938 – Faithful Navigator – Tickets are available ($20.00) for a raffle for a Buffalo Hunt in Kodiak territory or cash equivalent.


1940 SK Tim Smith reports 200 new Sir Knights were added in the past fraternal year.

SK Hector Ortiz reports a net loss of 555 Sir Knights in the same time.


1943 – Meeting was brought to a close.



Submitted by SK Marcus Ray


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